Platformatica Showcase – How to build a CRM in less than 2 minutes

Platformatica enables businesses to create the software that suits their needs with Zero Technical Knowledge, Zero Lines of Code, an Affordable Budget and Turbo Time to Production.

Let’s discover the revolutionary approach in action and watch how you can build a Customer Relationship Management software from scratch in less than 2 minutes.

The same approach can be applied to any other business software: ERP, Project Management, Support Portals, HR, Finance and many more.

Finally, all your employees can operate on one single platform while having individual and relevant user experiences.

On top of that, you are getting the full freedom of not only creating your software but also keeping it up to date with all your business dynamics.

Say goodbye to monolithic outdated software, vendor lock-in, cumbersome disconnected tools and many other challenges of the existing IT stack.

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Let’s kickstart the 21st century economy with Zero Code SAAS To Revolutionize Every Business.


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