Demo #6: Tagging and combined data manipulation. The perfect balance between solid structure and flexibility in the modern business software.

In this screencast, we will showcase the powerful and modern approach of data tagging that will empower decision taking, execution acceleration and running your overall successful business under control.

Most businesses are dynamic while not every single software is flexible enough to support changing processes and future needs. Over time a good number of software tools become monolithic and obsolete forcing the users to find creative ways of using them instead of enjoying the benefits of modern technology.

Platformatica is enabling the win-win opportunity of having a solid and at the same time flexible structure via tags.

Let’s get into the demo environment via the secure online form and start the discovery.

The tagging is a simple but tremendously powerful approach of selecting records and creating various subsets of data – putting it simply – in your system you may have client records, bills, invoices, projects, tasks, tickets and many other records that are currently living under their solid structure and there is no way to see them combined with other records under a certain logic – using the tags you can select the records you need and see them consolidated on a single list, on a board, on a calendar and even on a Gantt.

Platformatica is providing the tagging capability out of the box and you can tag any record to create meaningful lists and boards that will provide you with end-to-end visibility to empower your decision making.
In this demo we will select and tag records from several entities: Projects, Tasks, Deals and Invoices and we will see them all combined on a single board including a list view, a board view, calendar and Gantt.

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