Demo #5: Data field types, Field settings and Calculations. Learning the early stage of the business software life-cycle.

In this screencast, we will discover how Platformatica is enabling the data life-cycle as well as primary data operations.

You may think about most of the software as a data movement engine – the data is being created and then moved from on stage to another, from one format to another, something is happening with the data via various operations and all this is representing the data life-cycle.

Every single time you use any software to record or view information, pull up some reports, generate invoices, send business emails with attachments directly from the system and many other actions are possible thanks to the data and this data should be stored properly to serve your needs in the best way.

Via this screencast you will discover what type of fields Platformatica is supporting out-of-the-box, what kind of visual elements are provided to enrich those fields, what settings can be applied to those fields and, last but not least – some basic calculations that of course can be extended to handle the most complex use cases.

  • Types of data fields (Text, Numbers, Dates, Files, etc.)
  • Settings of the data fields (Toggle, Dropdown, Readonly, Prefilled, Multi-choice, etc.)
  • Calculations

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