Demo #4: Dashboard – showcasing the control panel of each successful business software via Sales/CRM, Portfolio/Program/Project and HR Management

In this screencast, we will showcase the foundation of any successful business software – the dashboards.

The dashboards are the heart of the business operations, the control panel that is providing accurate data in real-time informing and empowering the user to make the right decisions at the right time.

The dashboards are the critical pillars of each business software, you may think of them as of the instrumental panel in your car showing the speed but also providing alerts if something went wrong, another good sample could be the heart rate monitor on a hospital device – 

a highly critical instrument that is delivering the key information in a clear and meaningful way.


Platformatica is providing the visual elements that are used to create powerful and meaningful dashboards that work best for your business – summary lists, data representations on a map, various types of charts, and widgets. With those elements, you can provide the key information at a glance in no time and keep everyone up to date. Realtime and accurate data is your best solution against ambiguity and inefficiency. 


Here are the dashboard samples we will be covering in our screencast:

  • Sales/CRM dashboard
  • Portfolio/Program/Project management dashboard
  • HR dashboard

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