Demo #3: Workflow – showcasing data movement automation via Project intake, Contract approval, Support contact and day off request samples.

In this screencast, we will showcase a very common and powerful capability – the workflow.

A workflow can be used in many different scenarios from regular requests to complex lines of approvals and automation.

Within the spirit of keeping our demos simple and clear for everyone we will showcase workflows composed of a request and a decision. It could be a “day off” request, a ticket to the support department, a demand for a new corporate laptop, a booking to a service provider, etc. The requester submits the request via a form, the approver gets notified and can take a decision (approve,reject,etc).

The more complex use cases may require a large number of steps for data movement with various actions and decisions going in parallel or sequential ways.

Platformatica is handling all the workflow related use cases starting by simple one level request-approval flows up to complex multi-level automation with extended background data movement.

Here are the samples we will be covering in our screencast:

  • Project request (Project and Portfolio management)
  • Support request (Support lifecycle management)
  • Contract approval request (CRM/ERP/HR/etc.)
  • Day off request (HR)

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