Platformatica – Democratizing the Digital Transformation

Business software made easy: Platformatica enables businesses to create the software that suits their needs with Zero Technical Knowledge, Zero Lines of Code, Affordable Budget and Turbo Time to Market.

Cross-platform, Cloud, Secure and Resilient.

Here’s all your CRM, ERP, Accounting, Team collaboration, Project management systems and more. Totally automated, fully integrated, and designed to fit your unique needs.

Zero Code Automated SAAS To Revolutionize Your Business

Software has revolutionized business. Now it’s time for businesses to revolutionize their software.

Platformatica delivers all your SAAS solutions, exactly as you want them to be.

Here’s all your ERP, CRM, accounting, team collaboration, project management systems and more.

Totally automated, fully integrated, and designed to fit your unique needs.

100% operational in hours instead of months — and no coding needed.

Now every business owner can reap the rewards of a cloud-based software service, unrestrained by complex programming demands.

It’s time to free up your resources and maximize the potential of your business with a cloud-based SAAS solution designed with the 2020s in mind.

Zero Code Automated SAAS To Revolutionize Every Business

Business growth depends on effective streamlining.

In the battle to deliver better and faster services, industry and commerce has always benefited from strategically deployed technological advances.

But today’s software systems place huge demands on business resources.

Dealing with IT departments, contractors, software development companies and vendors eats into your time and budget.

From installation to maintenance and upgrade, traditional approaches to the business software environment add more bloat to your operation than you need.

For all their benefits, these resource-hungry models place a bottleneck on your productivity.

Platformatica’s exciting new SAAS solution changes this.

Here’s a truly responsive business software landscape that frees your enterprise from costly IT involvement, liberates your initiatives from tech administration delays, and raises the bar on your productivity.

Platformatica delivers a Zero Code automated SAAS solution that adapts to your processes and plans direct from the cloud. Its intuitive wizards optimise your SAAS on the fly so you can configure your entire operation to suit your needs. 

For busy business owners, here’s all the cutting edge technology you could ever need and none of the complex coding you don’t want.

Now all your software processes integrate seamlessly, setting you free to respond pro-actively to the challenges of the moment and generate winning strategies for the future.

Streamline Your Software Systems & Surge Ahead

Zero Code Automated SaaS To Revolutionize Every Business

No tech skills required
Web Designer 100%
Ready to use in hours
Web Designer 100%
Desktop, tablet, smartphone
Web Designer 100%
Deploys, Runs and Adapts Fast
Web Designer 100%
Secure, Performant and Resilient
Web Designer 100%